I live in Edmonton, Alberta and a Software consultant by profession, I had a broken filling in my upper molar that required a root canal. There was a infection in the area were the filling had broken off and I experienced pain.

I spoke to my Mom who gave me Dr Joshua Shieh's contact, As a first time I called and spoke to him and explained I was on pain killers.

Subsequently, I fixed an appointment and planned a trip with a weeks duration. On my arrival Dr Shieh scheduled 2 sittings for me 4 days a part.

In the 1st sitting he performed the cleaning, root canal and sizing of the crown and in the second sitting fitting the crown and extraction of a wisdom tooth. Each sitting lasted about an hour.

It was a very perfect experience for me with both the root canal and the extraction, the pain and discomfort was very minimal and short, I was back normal in quick time and had a comfortable return journey starting the very next day.

He took time to explain to me the diagnosis, procedure and the care forward. He is a very precise and systematic professional and as a patient I felt very relaxed and comfortable under his care the very first time. His support staff were excellent and very considerate.

I have never experienced any kind of pain or discomfort since the time of my surgery.

Even as a NRI, the fees I was charged was very reasonable and transparent and the appointment was on schedule.

I personally see in him a talented, brilliant and service minded professional and I am very thankful to the services rendered.

Looking forward to meeting him during future trips.

- Samuel Alexander, Sr Consultant Engineer, GE Intelligent Platforms, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

On my recent visit to Chennai, I was in urgent need of dental treatment requiring multiple extractions, cleaning and denture replacement. I was recommended Dr. Joshua Shieh of Emmanuel Clinic by my relatives. I have never been more pleased and satisfied with the treatment. Throughout the sessions, he and his team were very courteous and professional.

Dr. Shieh also had immense patience explaining the pros and cons of various treatment options. He was always eager to answer my questions, encouraging open dialogue, willing to listen to my point of view and above all very caring and committed to my recovery.

Additionally, on my return to Melbourne, I could always email him on any concerns or questions I had. He always made sure that I received a reply the next day with tips and suggestions. I feel very much at ease knowing that he is always available for advice.

Equally important, the professional charges for the treatment were very affordable. I would recommend Dr. Shieh and Emmanuel Clinic wholeheartedly to anyone seeking quality dental treatment.

- Bharath Krishnaswami, North Blackburn, Victoria, Australia

Couple of years ago, I had an accident and ended up fracturing my upper jaw and lost most of the incisor (front) teeth. Initially, I was referred to an endodontist and a periodontist in the Bay Area, California, who didn't seem to fully understand how to fix the fracture and restore my remaining teeth. Since my insurance ran out at that time, I was spending lots of money from my pocket. I made a short trip to India and had a chance to meet Dr. Shieh through my uncle. To my surprise, at the very first appointment, Dr. Shieh came up with a step-by-step treatment plan to restore my teeth and provide the best implants to make my smile look good.

The dentists in the US couldn't even fully diagnose my problem and were taking months to come up with a plausible remedy. During my visits, Dr. Shieh was very friendly yet professional, kind and flexible in his schedule to match my travel arrangements. As promised, Dr. Shieh completed the whole procedure in 6 appointments and the quality of his work was impeccable. I would strongly recommend Dr. Shieh for any of your dental needs and I am always thankful for his efforts to bring back my smile.

- Kulandaivelu Sivanandan PhD, Scientist, Seeo, Inc, Hayward, California

At 67years my teeth had wasted by severe mastication that Dr.Josh had to attend to my mouth. He root canalled some teeth, implanted some and capped some. In all he attended to 19 teeth. My friends cannot believe the transformation- my smile shows a perfect set of teeth and with my ceramic molars I can chew anything and everything...eating now comfortably has never felt this good as before.

- Yu Cey Chang, Chairman of Y.C.C.Group of Companies, SriLanka

I was introduced to Dr.Joshua by my friend in 2010 & since then he has been our family dentist!
I must say that their professional approach & personal care is what impressed us the most.
I really appreciate their effort & patience with my 2 year old daughter. And my 8 year old daughter who is terrified of doctors is now comfortable with them, thanks to Dr.Meera.
I wish Dr. Joshua and his young & enthusiastic team all success……….

- Komal, Housewife, Doha, Qatar

Although I am a medical man & a surgeon to boot, I was always petrified by dentists due to some painful encounters/memories early in my life.....and even kept postponing dental problems due to this, until, one day, i was introduced to Emmanuel dental clinic & Dr Joshua Shieh who so painlessly removed my caries tooth that all past bitter experiences were erased and my confidence renewed in Dentists. Added to the excellent clinical service & the soothing ambience of the clinic, was the comforting, confident & calming influence of Dr Shieh. These are exactly the qualities I, as a patient would look for in a dentist. Keeping this in mind, I would highly recommend Emmanuel Dental clinic to those who prefer efficient, professional & compassionate treatment.

- Dr Ganpat Visvanathan, Plastic surgeon, Vishy Clinic, Chennai

Hi there my name is Fan Fu Chai, I'm 25 years old. I've been a patient of Dr.Joshua for over 10 months now and I'm writing this testament to share my opinion about my overall experience at the clinic and also my experiences facing and dealing with my dental shortfalls. Starting with the clinic, it was nice to learn upon my first visit that the attention given to any individual patient seems to be Just, Equal and with a very personal touch, which of course helped me ease myself to my surroundings and made me feel less scared while being worked on. The information give to us by the staff and doctors of the clinic also helps oneself, not just to understand the cause and effects of the problems we are facing, but also helps us with understanding the reasons for the medication and treatment being given to us, which in my personal opinions comforts me in handing and dealing with my treatments. The added incentive of having and applying few state of the art, modern techniques, medicines and treatments helped convince me of the professionalism and high standards followed by the staff at clinic. To summaries my opinion, Im glad I switched doctors 10 months ago, having now experienced a high level of doctor/patient comfort and with all the foresight about my dental shortfalls coming true, I would genuinely recommend Emmanuel Dental clinic to all my Family members and friends.

- Fan Fu Chai - Tv Anchor / Producer, Chennai

I have been to number of dentists and clinic's and I honestly feel my treatment at your clinic was the best experience ever. And it wasn't just treatment which was even the kind and the friendly nature of the Doctor-Joshua. This makes a difference when a person is in pain or just general treatment. Prompt service, detailed explanation of the treatment ,the latest update is given and most importantly positive attitude. Even the appointments are according to patients comfort coz there are many patients who work on odd timings, I always refer my family and friends about the latest technology used and best treatment. Thanks to you Doc. All the best and I know very soon its gonna be the best clinic in Chennai.

- Amika, Air Hostess , Jet Airways, Chennai

Dr.Joshua is a thorough professional. He is highly knowledgeable, patient and equally soft-spoken. He makes sure you understand the details of a procedure before going through with it. For him, a case does not end with your appointment - he makes sure to follow up on his patients. He is probably the only dentist I'm not afraid of visiting!

- Dr.Leena Jaiswal, Sonologist at Sanjeevani Ultrasound Diagnostics, Chennai

Dr.Joshua and his team at the clinic are extremely professional and unbelievably thorough. They explain every procedure that we undergo in detail and make sure that we understand why and how it is done. The post procedure follow-ups prove that they care.

- Antony Cruz Bernie, Free Lance Asst. Director, Chennai

It's easy to summarize my experience at Emmanuel Dental Clinic. They are: Informed (totally updated ), Informative (clear communication), Meticulous and Methodical and thoroughly professional. So much so I actually look forward to my dental appointments !!

- Ajith Haridas, Architect, Chennai

He keeps his clinic clean and treats people good. I like to go to his clinic. He gave me only one certificate and he gave me a silver tooth.

- Nayel, III Std, Chennai

I had to do a filling,I had to do a crown... I was scared, I was down... They din't hurt me, it only tickled... They gave me a toy to play with, Thank you doctor It was nice to meet you!

- Mridula Ajith, II STD, Chennai

Visiting a Dentist's clinic is a terrifying experience for most,but not for me. Thanks to Dr.Joshua for making me comfortable and i knew that i am getting the best in Dental care.
Dr along with his team is anytime ready to disperse information and advice on dental care.
The best part is that he maintains a record of every single case and tells us step by step on what really has to be and is done on the tooth.
It is a pleasure to be one of Dr.Joshua's patients...

- Pradeep George, Polaris Software Lab, Chennai

Superb dental practice and brilliant service. I've had great dental work carried out here. Professional level of service from Dr. Joshua Shieh is the best. The team is totally friendly and make the dental chair feel totally safe.

- Rajeshwaran Subbiah, Spice Business, Chennai

My father was a notorious chocolate eater in his younger days.. And that explains the history of tooth problems he has had. But things got more complicated after his heart attack as a simple extraction needs proper planning. So after two years of running around dodging four dentists and taking tablets for the pain my father finally decided to get it done with.Though Josh is a close friend since school when it comes to my dad, we were extra conscious, but we got convinced Josh and his team of doctors are the best for the job. Stopped his blood thinning tablets three days prior and we walked into Josh's clinic. Under conscious sedation his procedure was very comfortable and he doesn't remember the procedure, but my Mom and I witnessed the care in which my dads four badly decayed tooth were removed. Now, he is all smiles but with just 13 tooth its not much of a site, atleast NOT JUST YET!! But I am sure under Josh's care my dads dentures would be done soon.

- Prashant, Technical Manager, Verizon Communications, Chennai

Worked at EDC for about 2 months as one of the junior doctors. Had a very memorable experience working with Dr.Joshua Shieh, a very motivating, talented and encouraging person who taught us a lot not just dentistry but also about patient management in private practice. The highlights about EDC is the quality of treatment provided, latest treatment modalities and materials used as well as excellent sterilization and disinfection protocols being followed. I'm thankful for such an opportunity to work with sir..

- Dr. Priya Krishnamoorthi

Six months as a junior doctor in Emmanuel Dental Clinic!! One of the best working and learning experience I ever had :) It was not just about dentistry, Dr.Joshua taught us how to interact with patients, make them feel comfortable and create a friendly atmosphere. The disinfection and sterilization protocol followed in the clinic is something that I admire and completely look forward to establish in my future practice as well! As Sowmiya said, we never felt tired of working... Joshua sir was always there to motivate us, welcomed our ideas and guided us. Happy that I worked in a place with wonderful professional ethics:) Cheers!!

- Dr. Kanagharekha Devdas

I have worked at Emmanuel Dental Clinic for about 1 year, actually that one year only I learnt what dentistry is all about. Joshua sir is such a amazing person who makes all his patient and his junior doctors so comfortable which makes the clinic a homely atmosphere, we worked as a family over there so never felt the tiredness even if work continues till 10.30 - 11 at night. That one year has given me all the courage to stand independently and to start my own clinic thank you Joshua sir :)

- Dr. L Sowmiya

Emmanuel Dental Clinic is such an exuberant and energetic environment to work in, where work can actually turn into an amusing field day! Joshua sir with his compassionate and friendly nature guides each individual to grow in their own space. He gives the liberty to be imaginative and has ways to bring out the best in any person! Patient comfort is always given the first priority in the clinic where all patient needs are met meticulously and can turn a simple treatment into a grinning experience :)

- Dr Turfa Zubedi

In 2007, when I was looking for a place to start my career as a dentist I was astounded by a gentleman Dr.Joshua Shieh. In the year 2008 I joined Emmanuel Dental Clinic and right from the day of joining Dr.Joshua involved my colleagues and me in lot clinical & academicals which made me present scientific papers at many conferences and clinical discussions. Almost 4 years of working with him, he taught me the way to approach my patients, developing confidence in my work and boosting my career life. The position what I have achieved today is purely dedicated to him, because of his sincerity and motivation which drove me in the right way not only in my career but also in my life Today Emmanuel Dental Clinic has made a benchmark in conducting education programmes an courses for the welfare of the students and doctors. He has been very supportive and encouraging to young dentists like me to pursuing in conducting such scientific programs.

- Dr Jaghandeep

When I lost my front tooth I was really vexed and lost my confidence, but you gave me the lost things back..The tooth which you gave is more stronger than the original one and it looks like a natural tooth absolutely..No one is believing if I tell them it is an artificial tooth.. Even I can't believe it.

Thank you so much for your help. Never forgot you in my life..

More over I never forgot the way you treat the patients,really nice person you and your hospital doctors and staff

Once again thank you so much.

- Parthasarthi, Software Engineer, IBM, Chennai

I had dentophobia.

I was taken good care in Emmanuel Dental Clinic.

It was a pleasant experience.

I dont fear dentists anymore.

- Rama, Housewife, Chennai

I would like to thank you for the excellent care professional and personal that you have provided to me. In my eyes you have gone \"above and beyond\". In your care and concern for me you are not only an excellent doctor-surgeon, but an excellent person. We thank you so very much. The entire team of doctors also deserve a big thank you. I have seen many doctors over the years but you are the very-very top for excellent medical care, compassion, and caring. God bless you always!!!Thank you for the wonderful care that you had given me all the time during the treatment phase!Thank you for your kindness & support!Can\'t say it often enough! Everyday when I look in the mirror I am so grateful for what you were able to do for me. I always carry my before & after picture to show people the amazing work you are able to do. I also want to thank you for taking the time in explaining things to us on during these procedures

- Reshma Suresh, HR, Chennai

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